Havoc at the Oregon Bundy Trial

Shawna Cox describes courtroom altercation after not guilty verdict

Rick Koerber speaks about Marcus Mumford being taken into custody

Marcus Mumford, Ammon Bundy’s attorney, describes being tased in courtroom

Court footage shows Deputy U.S. Marshals tackling Ammon Bundy’s lawyer (FULL)

Bundy Attorney Attacked By U.S. Marshals After Acquittal (Great commentary)

Reaction from Ammon Bundy lawyer Morgan Philpot

Scene outside the courthouse after Oregon standoff verdict

Matt Schindler, Kenneth Medenbach’s attorney, reacts to acquittals and describes Mumford altercation

Oregon standoff trial: The verdict

More videos at: http://katu.com/news/local/ammon-bundys-attorney-marcus-mumford-arrested-after-standoff-trial-verdict

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