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Contention and Civility

Modern politics is war. The goal is to completely overwhelm, dominate, and overpower. The problem is that when one side “wins,” they have to continue fighting to maintain the high ground. The other side is perpetually working to overthrow and take their turn behind the wheel.

Today, political dialogue is almost always public and arguments are crafted to embarrass, demonize, and score political points. Both sides have given up on the other. Liberals and conservatives have largely determined that those one “the other side” are ignorant and irrational, even evil.

Are we too quick to condemn? Are we guilty of assuming we fully comprehend the hearts and intentions of those who disagree with us?

If we really believe we are right, shouldn’t we be a little more tactful in how we discuss the political principles that matter most to us?

Imagine what could happen if we weren’t so quick to give up on others. Imagine what we could accomplish politically if we learned how to actually have engaging conversations with others.

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The "Decreed End of All Nations"…?

Last Days Prophecy

When I teach about prophecy of the last days, I have learned to take a very optimistic perspective. I believe in the "Jonah Principle," the idea that some prophecy is very conditional and its purpose is to cause us to change our behavior so that the prophecy actually doesn’t come true.  It’s a pretty interesting thing to contemplate, that a certain prophecy only exists to motivate us to do the things that will change our trajectory so the prophecy doesn’t need to happen. Click here to read more about the Jonah Principle.

I teach that the Constitution is inspired, that God gave us our form of government and that when we finally learn how to practice it the way He intended, other nations will become convinced of the grandeur of our form of government "and be constrained to adopt similar governmental systems, thus to fulfill the ancient prophecy of Isaiah that ‘out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem'" (Idaho Falls Temple Dedicatory Prayer).

Members of the Church often protest and say that our government is doomed and that the Constitution will not spread around the globe because the Doctrine & Covenants prophesies of "a full end of all nations."

D&C 87:6

And thus, with the sword and by bloodshed the inhabitants of the earth shall mourn; and with famine, and plague, and earthquake, and the thunder of heaven, and the fierce and vivid lightning also, shall the inhabitants of the earth be made to feel the wrath, and indignation, and chastening hand of an Almighty God, until the consumption decreed hath made a full end of all nations;

This scripture seems to conflict with statements and prophecies I have read elsewhere, so I decided to look up the scripture in the Citation Index. Here is an incredible talk I found discussing this very scripture:

Marion G. Romney

God Has Revealed the Remedy

And so, pursuant to this charge, we do declare that more than a century ago God our Eternal Father, knowing where the course of men was leading, opened the heavens and gave warning. He not only confirmed the drift; he pointed out the reason for it. He revealed also the remedy for it. He further predicted the awful consequences of a failure to follow that remedy.

And finally, he gave assurance that righteousness, peace, and happiness will ultimately prevail among the inhabitants of the earth.
… (D&C 87:1-2,6)…

That the Lord’s purpose in revealing these unhappy impending calamities was not to condemn but to save mankind is evidenced by the fact that with the warning he identified the cause and revealed the means by which the calamities may be turned aside.

… To me the foregoing statements clearly reveal the fact that if men do not humble themselves and cease relying solely upon their own wisdom, if they do not turn and seek the Lord to establish his righteousness, they will implement the "decreed . . . end of all nations.”

Backwardness Can Be Reversed

If enough people will accept and live it, the troubles of the world will fade away as the hoarfrost before the burning rays of the rising sun. Our going forward backwards will be reversed, and the anxieties of our "affluent society" will diminish and cease.

Otherwise, a Desolating Scourge

And what if enough people do not accept the remedy? Well, in such event the inhabitants of the earth will suffer the consequences of their disobedience

…Our choice, then, is clear. Men, in the exercise of their God-given free agency, will make—in fact, they are now making day by day—the decision.

Such, in brief and inadequate outline, is the message which we, the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are under divine charge to declare to the world. For as the Lord told his prophets in dispensations past, so he told his modern Prophet, Joseph Smith, that the revelations which had been given to him were not for the sake of himself and his associates only, but were for the sake of the whole world.

…In conclusion, let me say that the message we declare includes the glorious assurance that in the end righteousness, peace, and happiness will come to the inhabitants of the earth. Whether after the destruction foreshadowed or as a result of repentance, men return to his ordinances, abide by his everlasting covenant, and "seek the Lord to establish his righteousness" D&C 1:16 remains to be seen.

(The Way to Peace Revealed, General Conference, April 1965)

In other words, this is in fact a conditional prophecy subject to the Jonah Principle. It doesn’t have to happen the way the scripture describes. We get to make that choice. Now, we could argue about which way it is more likely to go based on current trends, but that is largely speculative and subjective and based purely on individual conjecture.

I propose we don’t lose by default by assuming we will travel the absolute worst possible road and therefore giving up on our own potential. Let’s beat the odds and reverse the tide. Let’s use our agency to make the decision to not need apocalyptic destruction to motivate us to finally repent.

Keep an eye out for my coming posts called "Conditional vs Absolute Prophecy" and "This Nation Shall Endure."

The Jonah Principle

Conditional Prophecy

The story of Jonah is a fantastic example of what I call "conditional prophecy." Some prophecy is absolute and will happen exactly as it is proclaimed, no matter what. Nothing we can do will change the major or minor details of those prophecies. However, a lot of prophecy is conditional and our repentance or behavior can determine whether or not the prophecy happens or the degree to which it happens.

Jonah and Nineveh

This story teaches us of God’s desire to refrain from inflicting devastating punishments on his children. I think we can often be like Jonah, slow to forgive and quick to inflict "righteous indignation." Pay attention to how Jonah responds to the repentance of the city of Nineveh: Continue reading

The Political Kingdom of God

[This essay is not yet finished, but it will likely be an ongoing project for many more weeks. Enjoy what is available so far!]

I’m writing this article in an attempt to clear up a prominent misunderstanding regarding the kingdom of God seen in dream by King Nebuchadnezzar and in vision by the young prophet Daniel (see Daniel 2).  Verses 44 and 45 report:

44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

It seems that the interpretation of this dream is falsely interpreted by a vast majority of the members of my Church. A correct understanding of this dream really matters because it affects how we prepare for the return of Jesus Christ and his Millennium of peace. I will use scriptures and statements made by church authorities to illuminate the truth of this "kingdom of God." Continue reading

Communist Strategy of Subversion through "Peaceful" Relations

Featured image from http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-25/north-and-south-korea-talks-explained/9675710

North and South Korea

In light of the recent and sudden talk of peaceful relations between North and South Korea, I wanted to share what I have been studying with the Columbus Center in Principles of Freedom 101.

According to official communist  strategy, communists never abandon their end goal of total world domination. They will, however, seek to establish peaceful relations to lure free nations into dropping their guard. South Korea seems to understand this, as it is willing to move forward in establishing peaceful relations with North Korea but desires that the US maintains military presence and protection regardless of any future peace treaty they sign.

Some are speculating that the sudden peace talks are due to the potential collapse of a major nuclear test site in North Korea which might cause them to abandon aggressive military activities. Others contest that this wouldn’t deter them.

Regardless of the reason North Korea decided this was the time to change their stripes, these promises are seen by many as empty and deceptive. Continue reading

Orson Hyde’s Dedicatory Prayer in Palestine

This is the letter containing Orson Hyde’s Dedicatory Prayer over the land of Palestine. It was printed in chapter 26 of volume 4 of History of the Church, under the subtitle "Elder Orson Hyde’s Letter — His Prayer of Dedication on the Mount of Olives."

ALEXANDRIA, Nov. 22, 1841


— A few minutes now offer for me to write, and I improve them in writing to you.

I have only time to say that I have seen Jerusalem precisely according to the vision which I had. I saw no one with me in the vision; and although Elder Page was appointed to accompany me there, yet I found myself there alone.

The Lord knows that I have had a hard time, and suffered much, but I have great reason to thank Him that I enjoy good health at present, and have a prospect before me of soon going to a civilized country, where I shall see no more turbans or camels. The heat is most oppressive, and has been all through Syria. Continue reading

American Founding Fathers Try Communism

From The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen

One of the forgotten lessons of U.S. history is the fact that the American founding fathers tried Communism before they tried capitalistic free enterprise.

In 1620 when the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth, they had already determined to establish a Communist colony. In many ways this communal society was set up under the most favorable circumstances. First of all, they were isolated from outside help and were desperately motivated to make the plan work in order to survive. Secondly, they had a select group of religious men and women who enjoyed a cooperative, fraternal feeling toward one another. The Pilgrims launched their Communist community with the most hopeful expectations. Governor William Bradford has left us a remarkable account of what happened. The Governor reports: Continue reading

What is Liberal? What is Conservative?

I began studying this issue because my heart breaks when I see relationships fall apart because of political beliefs or wild accusations made about people without even knowing who they really are. I am a conservative who has learned to really appreciate the talents and strengths liberals have. Please consider what I have learned.

What is liberal?

"Liberal" is a term that conservatives throw around loosely to describe anyone who disagrees with or opposes "conservative" ideals. I believe this term is used incorrectly and falls short of truly describing what it means to be liberal.

The word liberal comes from a 14th century word meaning "generous, selfless, magnanimous, admirable, willing, zealous, munificent, or gracious." From the 12th century, it also has a slight negative connotation: "extravagant, unrestrained." Also, "of freedom, pertaining to or befitting a free person" and "free, unrestricted, unimpeded; unbridled, unchecked, licentious." Continue reading

Laie Hawaii Temple Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 27–30 November 1919

by Heber J. Grant

O God, the Eternal Father, we, Thy servants and handmaidens, thank Thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, Thy well-beloved Son, with all the power of our being, that we are privileged this day to be present in this beautiful land, to dedicate into Thy Most Holy Name, a temple of the Living God.

We thank Thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that Thou and Thy Son, Jesus Christ, didst visit the boy, Joseph Smith, Jr., and that he was instructed by Thee, and Thy beloved Son.

We thank Thee that Thou didst send Thy servant, John the Baptist, and that he did lay his hands upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and ordain them to the Aaronic, or Lesser Priesthood. Continue reading

Current Event Summary: Douglas High School Shooting – 02/14/2018

Core Details

  • Wednesday February 14th, 2018
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 3,000 students
  • Parkland, Florida
  • Shooter: Nikolas Cruz, 19, former student
  • Purchased AR-15 style gun legally after passing background checks
  • 4 deputies remained outside behind their cars with guns drawn for 4 minutes during the shooting and would not go inside the school
  • 17 killed, at least 14 more injured, (2 LDS killed)
  • Claimed to hear voices of demons that told him to do this
  • His adoptive mother died in the fall
  • Deadliest school shooting since 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary (26 died)
  • FBI notified in 2017 about a comment on a YouTube video by user with same name saying “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI could not identify the person.
  • Local police had not been warned about him
  • Member of a white supremacist group called “Republic of Florida”
  • School authorities had emailed teachers about Cruz’s behavior. Expelled (from threatening students? not officially stated) and wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack. He had been found with bullets in his backpack.
  • BBC: “It was the third shooting incident at a school in 48 hours and the 11th in the three weeks since the start of the year.”
  • Aaron Feis, assistant football coach, shielded students with his body, "died a hero"

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